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Saturday, May 18, 2013


Bismillahirahmanirrahim .
Assalmaualaikum WBT .

After reading Aizat Abdullah's blog, I realized that I've not update my blog since last three months . Time passes so quickly . I realized that SPM just around the corner . Scary . Just like Ive watched Sundel bolong . The UPU results just released . All my cousins got it . Its not impossible . All my cousins got good results in their SPM . BTW, congratulations for those who got the UPU and for those  who dont get it, dont be sad .

How bout me ? Hmm

Forget it . This time, I would like to share about ant . I really appreciate to this tiny creatures .

At first glance, the ant is a small creature that does not provide any benefit in human lives . However, this small creature gets special attention in Islam even in the Holy Quran itself there is a special chapter called Surah Al-Naml of ants . Ant's life is also quite unique . Imagine how the thousands of ants in the colony they can recognize each other . Have we observe the ants while it's running and see other ants . Ants-like kissing or contact with each other . As if they know each other in a group of tens of thousands of ants at a time . Their lives are structured, organized, diligent and disciplined in carrying out life as an ant in the universe . Have you heard bout Nabi Sulaiman AS with an ant ?

At the time of Nabi Sulaiman an incident, when Nabi Sulaiman saw an ant creeping on a rock, Nabi Sulaiman thus would wonder how these ants to live on dry rock in the middle of a barren desert.

Nabi Sulaiman asked the ant: "O ants if you believe there is enough food for you?".

Ant replied: "Provision in the hands of Allah, I believe in living in the hands of Allah, I believe in the dry rock in a barren desert is no provision for me."

So Nabi Sulaiman asked: "O ants, how much you eat? What do you like to eat? And many do you eat in a month?"

Ant replied: "I only eat a piece of wheat per month".

Nabi Sulaiman even suggested: "If you eat just no need for a piece of wheat per month you cascading over rocks, I can help".

Nabi Sulaiman took a container, he adopted the ants and placed in the container and cover the container. Then he left the ants in the container along a piece of wheat for a month.

When enough of the month, Nabi Sulaiman saw that the piece of wheat that he put last month ago, just eaten a half only just eaten by ant . Then he said: "Apparently you lied to me! Last month you said you eat a piece of wheat per month, this is a month, but you eat half".

Ant replied: "I did not lie. If I live on the rocks, I would eat anything so much as a piece of wheat a month, because I was looking for the meal itself and sustenance comes from Allah and Allah never forget me. But when you put me in the container, my livelihood depends on you, and I do not believe you, that's why I only eat half so it can resistant for two months. Im afraid that you will forget . That ant's faith !

How bout our faith ? As a human .
Grateful for what we have .

*jangan kutuk grammar saya* Publish ! :D